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Anonymous: hey~ I'm a person who is looking for junho blogs since I really couldn't help but fall a little for that man (okay maybe a lot) and I just wondered if you could pretty please recommend some since I can't seem to find any junho biased editors/gifers ;u;

Hi! I can totally understand hehe. Even though I run this very inactive blog, I don’t actually follow a lot of junho centric blogs. I only know a few which you may already follow: junheaux, sunshinejunho, 2pmlovesjunho, whitejunho, junhoism, wonderwatermelon (inactive :(), itjuneos. some of these may be multifandom. you could also just follow 2pm centric blogs and they’ll post lots of junho :) 

probably missing some but i can’t remember them ;;

hold me! ()


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Special MC, Lee Junho o(^▽^)o

touchy chansung and junho’s not-so-subtle smile


sleeping beauty (▰˘◡˘▰)